Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guess Neil forgot to post this?

Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #3

Wednesday, March 26th, 9pm Five Bucks!
at the Rendezvous
78 3rd St
Turners Falls, MA 01376

a visit from the Trojan Pony Tour, featuring
films by Penny Lane & more
music by Ross Goldstein & Jesse Stiles
additional performance by BenGeorge 7
reading/lecture by Jamie Berger
the usual obscure cuts by dj/mc/host Cloaca

Troy, New York-based multimedia artists invade this month's Phantom Brain Exchange with a provoking program of cinematic and sonic delights. Also performing will be western mass' best kept secret, somewhere between the blue (& red) man group & gallagher in a hockey fight, the hypnotherapy duo BenGeorge 7. Jamie Berger will step out from behind the bar for a fifteen minute talk on peepshows. What more can one expect from a night like this? you could read the descriptions below, but frankly, i bet it still won't help. just come.


"SITTIN' ON A MILLION" (video, 30 mins)
Penny Lane & Annmarie Lanesey
Sittin' on a Million is the sometimes-true story of Mame Faye, who ran a world famous house of prostitution in Troy, NY for almost forty years. Her story, noticeably absent from the official historical record, offers a prismatic view into sex, money, politics, and changing societal roles for women at the turn of the last century. Also, it's funny to talk to old people about sex. Penny Lane is an independent filmmaker and video artist living in Troy, NY and Northampton, MA. Her collaborative and solo experimental, narrative and documentary videos have screened at AFI FEST, Int'l Film Festival Rotterdam, San Francisco Int'l Film Festival, Seattle Int'l
Film Festival, Women in the Director's Chair, Santa Fe Art Institute,
MOMA, and DUMBO Art Under the Bridge. Her award-winning documentaries
The Abortion Diaries and Independent Media in a Time of War (the
latter made with Hudson-Mohawk Indymedia) are regularly screened in
classrooms, community centers and microcinemas across the U.S. and
internationally on Free Speech TV and Yes! Television. And yes, that
is her real name.
additional short videos will be screened:
"LOVE OR LEAVE IT" by Dara Greenwald and Bettina Escauriza &
"FOR MY COUNTRY" by Vickie Kereszi.

Ross Goldstein will be performing pieces from his "Trail Songs" record, a psycho-linguistic roadtrip through the topography of American bubble gum music. Ross' poetically counter-jingoistic lyrics serve as giant, colorful billboards on a highway of beautiful, infectious melodies. Musician, artist, photographer, & linguistic deconstructionist, Goldstein has worked on/with diverse projects such as Jason Martin's Evolution Revolution Band, the infamous Bunnybrains, Dearraindrop, and tape-collage/field recordings/performance crew of the United States of Belt.

Jesse Stiles will be performing music from "The Target Museum," an EP consisting of songs that directly or metaphysically chronicle Stiles' experience as a photographer in the destroyed buildings surrounding the World Trade Center site. "The Target Museum" weaves real and imagined instruments, physical and synthesized voices, and actual facts with outright lies, creating a dream-like fabric of experimental folk-pop music. Jesse Stiles is a composer, multimedia artist, and sound designer. Stiles received a Watson Fellowship in 2000 to compose electronic music while traveling in India, Australia, and the UK for one year. His MFA thesis performance in Troy, New York opened the historic Gasholder Building to the public for the first time in 25 years,
immersing hundreds of attendees in a performance of improvised
electro-acoustic music and computer-controlled LED sculptures. He has
performed and exhibited multimedia artwork internationally.

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