Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Rendezvous

There is some sort of wacky show at the Rendezvous in Turners Falls this Wednesday, January 30. Some guy talking with pictures and a couple bands or something, I don't know. I'm going to go check it out, though. Would you like to come? Here is more information:
Montague Phantom Brain Exchange
new monthly series

Wednesday, January 30th, 9pm Three Bucks!
at the Rendezvous
78 3rd St
Turners Falls, MA 01376

films of Mt. Emult
music of Ducktails
lecture by D. B. Russell
DJ is Cloaca

the full story below:

Mt. Emult
also known to the world as Matthew Newman-Long, has been making animated and experimental short films for quite some years now. He teaches video at GCC and lives in Holyoke, the Milwaukee of Western Mass. For this event, he intends to share a clutch of cinematic curiosities. Here's what he says about them: " Once again the destruction of a piece of media is the creation of a piece of media. I stole two shots, a monkey and a monkey with a man. My mother was beautiful when she was ice-skating. Jumpy mistakes and sexual innuendos. Exploring the many ways to create new imagery by destroying old imagery, in both the analog and digital world. I don't believe the viewer needs to know why this man acts the way he does, as I don't know why you act the way you do. "

is blissed-out bedroom-studio stoner jams of a mister Matt Mondanile. Just off the plane from a European tour exporting his imaginary tropical soundscapes, the parrot on his shoulder will be speaking perfect Flemish.

and there will be a short lecture by D.B. Russell entitled, "Ekphrasis and ekstasis: prospects for inscribing the multiple in contemporary Massachusetts landscapes" - which means handouts, powerpoint slides, maybe even a strobe light! Your brain's ass might get kicked. Mr. Russell is also more widely known for his affiliations with the empire and for his performances in such acts as The Laudible Pus & Frothy Shakes. He is an Adjunct Lecturer in Esthetics and Moral Philosophy, Open Field Initiative, Greenfield, MA.

Your host, Cloaca will be spinning records with upsetting riddims wherever possible.

Montague Phantom Brain Exchange is a place where bodied & disembodied brains & nonbrains can safely gather to deconstruct solutions & create problems while soaking in an envigorating bath of provocative entertainments. Last wednesday of every month, 9pm to midnight, at the Rendezvous (bar with food!) 78 3rd St Turners Falls, MA. A typical evening will include 2 - 3 performing acts, a 15 minute lecture and a DJ. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in performing, presenting, dj-ing, or flyer-making / posting.

read this, i mean, woah:

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